Auto Mall Tint Specialist



Can I tint my front doors?

The law in California states that you can apply film onto the 2 front doors provided the film and glass combined allows a Visible Light Transmittance of 70% or greater. The problem is most factory glass is already around 75% VLT so only a clear film can be legally installed. That is why we carry the 3M Crystalline 90% tint which is legal and has a Total Solar Energy Rejection of 34%.

If you use a light shade of tint, it is like driving 5-10 mph over the posted speed limit.

If you have a medical prescription letter from a skin or eye doctor, you can legally have up to 35% VLT but not allowed to drive the car at night.

Can I tint my front windshield?

The law in California states that you can apply a 4' - 6" tint strip onto the top section of your windshield as long as it is above the AS1 mark. It is not legal to tint the entire front windshield with any film, even with a clear film or if you have a medical prescription letter.

We have tinted some windshields for customers who require UV protection but want everyone to know that you might see some adhesive distortion.

How long does it take to tint?

Most complete tint jobs can be done within 3-4 hours but we always like to keep the car for a longer period of time so we can let the tint dry and do any touchups before you pick up your car.

If you are only tinting the rear doors and back glass, we will require between 2-3 hours.

Why are your prices higher than other shops?

When price shopping for window tint, you need to compare apples to apples. There are many different companies that make window films and within each company, there are different grades of films. We only carry the best which is 3M window films.

I have been tinting for over 28 years and my manager Greg has over 14 years experience. If we hired someone new who is less experienced, I am sure we can charge less but I don't think our customers would appreciate someone learning how to tint on their car.

Do you computer cut or custom cut your window film?

I bought a plotter over 5 years ago and tried computer cut and didn't like it because the patterns were not accurate. I feel that a computer cut system would be great for a new tinter to learn but I feel our custom cut patterns are much more accurate.

What can I do while my car is being tinted?

We are conveniently located within a 1/4 mile of brand new theater complex with lots of restaurants and plenty of shopping all within walking distance. We also have a waiting room with free wifi and a desk for you to do work while waiting.

Do we price match our competitors?

I am sorry, but we do not price match our competitors. Everyone's overhead is different as well as their level of experience. If you are looking for the best price, I am sure you will find shops that will be cheaper. Just remember, you usually get what you pay for.

Do you offer any discounts?

If you can pay with cash instead of with a credit card, we can give you a $10 discount on jobs under $200, $20 discount on jobs under $400, $30 discount on jobs under $600, $40 discount on jobs under $800 and $50 discount for jobs over $800. We prefer to offer the discount to our customers instead of giving it to the banks through credit card charges.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Visa and Mastercard. We do not accept checks. Please ask about our cash discount.

Are there things I should know after my windows are tinted?
  • The tint takes about 2 days to dry. During this time you might see some streaks and water blisters.
  • The window film is scratch resistant, not scratch proof.
  • Glass is not always perfect so any imperfections will be more noticeable after tinting.
  • We are not working in a dust free environment so sometimes you might see a few small imperfections.
  • If you wear polarized sunglasses, you might see some rainbow colors when you look through the film.
  • At night when you look through the tint on the back window, you might see refraction of light from defrost lines.
  • The tint does not always stick evenly over the dot matrix around windows.