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3M Crystalline is the newest line of window film for your vehicle and is without doubt, the absolute best quality window film product available in the world today.  3M has set a benchmark for all other products to strive for, producing a virtually clear 70% visible light transmittance window film with a total solar energy rejection of 50% and an SPF 1700 rating.  Verified by the Skin Cancer Foundation to block ultraviolet radiation by 99.99%,  these films are recommended for use in preventitive medicine efforts.  Patients suffering from skin conditions, eye conditions, or even migraine headaches, can benefit from the protection offered by this phenominal window film.  The Crystalline window film is extremely expensive, but remember, this is an almost clear protection for health benefit purposes.  The 3M line of Crystalline automotive window film materials are manufactured in ultra-light shades.  Don't settle for anything less than the best 3M film for your car.  

3M has developed this advanced technology window film with focus directly on the infrared part of the solar spectrum.  It is specifically designed to reduce incoming heat without using metals or dyes.  Now, even the light that fills your car can be just the way you want it.  If you want all the heat rejecting qualities of a dark film but from a virtually clear film, Crystalline is the right choice for you.  It is illegal in some states to have any window film applied to your car's front door windows but who's going to know if it is a clear window film.  The (IR) Infrared heat rejection provides an astounding increase in driver comfort, while a low interior reflectivity leaves your view clear and unobstructed with excellent brightness, especially at night.  That powerful combination makes Crystalline Film a welcome addition to any automobile.

We only carry this film in the ultra-light shade of 70%.

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To view the actual 3M Crystalline window film performance figures, please click on the link below:
3M Crystalline