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V-Kool Gallery

We are proud to be the only dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area that offers V-Kool Spectrally Selective window film for automobiles. V-Kool 70% is the highest heat rejecting film in its class at 55% solar energy rejected.  It is amazing that when installed, the film is almost invisible. Highly recommended for windows that require maximum protection from UltraViolet rays and drastic reduction of InfraRed heat without sacrificing visiblity.  We offer only the 70% visible light transmittance film.

2000 Mercedes S-Class with V-Kool 70% on the front doors and Suntek Infinity OP 35% rear doors.
Note: The windshield is not tinted.

2004 Mazda RX-8 with V-Kool 70% on the front doors, Hüper Optik 40% on the rear quarters and Hüper Optik 30% on the rear window.
Note: Closeup picture shows film before installation.

To view the actual V-Kool Spectrally Selective window film performance figures, please click on the link below:

To view additional photos of vehicles tinted with V-Kool 70%, please click on the photo gallery icon on the far left.